by ImpossibleAviation
uploaded 2016-05-26
mod aircraft
#supersonic #hypersonic #aircraft #carrier #spaceplane

All parts for A.I.R.D.R.O.P.

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a.6m.tanks from OPT Legacy
a.adaptor.plate from OPT Spaceplane (Legacy)
AAengine from OPT Spaceplane Continued
ab.7m.adaptor from OPT Legacy
advSasModule from Squad
asasmodule1-2 from Squad
b.cockpit.qs from OPT Legacy (root part)
b.engineMount.4 from OPT Legacy
bahaCamPod from
battery-125 from Near Future Electrical
bdPilotAI from
c.6m.cargo from OPT Legacy
cupola from Squad
elevon3 from Squad
fuelTank.long from Squad
fuelTankSmall from Squad
GearLarge from Squad
HeatShield2 from Squad
hyperStrut from SuperStrongStruts
hyperStrutFuel from SuperStrongStruts
JuniorFuselage from Airplane Plus
M2X.circularintake from Mk2 Stockalike Expansion
M2X.Precooler from Mk2 Stockalike Expansion
M2X.Shockcone from Mk2 Stockalike Expansion
missileController from
mk2-1AdapterIntakes from QuizTechAeroPackContinued
opt.mk2.cockpit from OPT Spaceplane (Legacy)
opt.mk2.engine from OPT Spaceplane (Legacy)
opt.stabilizer.b from OPT Spaceplane Continued
opt.wing.1a from OPT Spaceplane (Legacy)
opt.wing.c from OPT Spaceplane Continued
opt.wing.c.elevon1 from OPT Spaceplane Continued
opt.wing.c.elevon2 from OPT Spaceplane Continued
parachuteRadial from Squad
pointyNoseConeA from Squad
radialDecoupler from Squad
radialDecoupler1-2 from Squad
radialEngineBody from Squad
radiatorRadialLarge from
radiatorRadialMedium from
radiatorRadialSmall from
radPanelLg from Squad
ramAirIntake from Squad
reactor-125 from Near Future Electrical
shockConeIntake from Squad
smallCtrlSrf from Squad
SmallGearBay from Squad
solidBooster1-1 from Squad
spotLight2 from Squad
stackDecoupler from Squad
structuralMiniNode from Squad
structuralWing4 from Squad
wingShuttleStrake from Squad