KerbalX Help

Terms of use
This site is in rolling development, things will change and on occasion they may break. If you run into issues or have any suggestions come and say on the KSP forum

From KerbalX's side of things;

  • I will not add a subscription services for features that you currently can use. There may be some future features that will be subscription based (currently that is being considered for having more than 5 private craft.) Posting Public craft that everyone can see will always remain free.
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will only be stored to facilitate you logging into KerbalX and will only include your username and email address. No other PII is stored by KerbalX and neither your username or email address will be sold to any 3rd parties.
  • I might on rare occasions need to email you about something (ie problem with your account) but it will be extremely rare for you to get an email from the site.
  • cookies are used to persist your login on the site.
  • KerbalX is not responsible if you bake your potato by downloading a craft it can't handle (...if you download a craft and it breaks your computer or KSP install, or saves, KerbalX is not responsible).

From your side of things;

  • You can post .craft files made in the Kerbal Space Program that you have made yourself to be accessible to all other users of the site.
  • Just to reiterate; do not upload craft made by someone else!! You can upload a modified craft, but please give credit to the original designer.
  • You can post pictures and videos along with your craft, but they should be of that craft.
  • Do not post NSFW or offensive pictures or videos, accounts that break this rule will get deleted and your craft will be hurled into the sun (or dev/null).
  • Do not post offensive text. Depending on the severity this could result in account suspension, ban or your account being deleted.
  • Do not post spam

KerbalX aims to be a "family friendly" site where kids of all ages can happily browse. As part of the KSP community the same standards as the KSP forum apply, so if in doubt check the KSP forum guidlines and in particular section 2.2 - Forbidden content.

Note - KerbalX is a fan site and is not affiliated with Squad or the Kerbal Space Program