Privacy Policy

KerbalX Privacy Policy

Your right to privacy, control over your data and the security of your data is something I take very seriously.

What PII data does KerbalX store?

KerbalX only stores two pieces of PII (personally identifiable information) for users who sign up;
Your username and email address. If you don't sign up, no information is stored.

Your username is used as your handle in the community and as a way of identifing yourself when you login.
Your email address is also used as a way of identifing yourself when you login and is required to enable you to recover your password should you forget it.
Your email address will never be sold or given to a 3rd party.

No other PII (such as your IP address) is stored by the site.

Your Right to be forgotten

If you wish to delete your account you can do so at any point (from your settings page). Deleting your account will remove all of the content that you have posted on the site.

KerbalX's database is backed up daily and backups are retained for one month. This means if you delete your account it will still exist in database backups. Backups are secure and only I (Katateochi; KerbalX's developer/admin/maintainer) has access to them. If you have cause to require your data be expunged from the backups then contact me, but please bear in mind the cost and time this will require for a unpaid service.

Google Analyitics

KerbalX uses Google Analyitics to monitor the level of traffic on the site, understand which parts of the site take the most load and see where traffic to the site comes from. KerbalX does not use Google Analyitics' advertising or marketing features and does not pass any PII to Google.


The cookies on the site enable your login to persist between page requests and facilitate a number of site features ie (remembering your last search criteria) and they are necessary for site functionality. Cookies are not used to track any personal information.