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The dev_blog is sort of a change log, but that's too rigid a definition. It's more a collection of notes about new features and major changes in some of the versions.

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A mostly behind the scenes updates

This is quite a big update in terms of code changes, but you might not even notice it!

I’ve been working on reducing the site memory usage and improving the speed of the search and page loading times for /users, /mods, /parts and /mod_packs. They’re not key pages but they’d started to get a little slow and this was causing a knock-on effect for the rest of the site. Those pages should be lightning fast now.

The /users page has also got some more sorting options. You can now sort users by their points and by their points divide by their craft count. There is a difference in the points values used when sorting by points and points/craft; when sorting by points it uses all the user’s points, for craft, comments and points earned by contributing to the knowledge base. When sorting by points/craft the value for points used is just the points earned for up/down votes on their craft.

Mod Packs have also got a search interface. You can filter, sort and search by both the names of mod packs and which mods they contain, ie: enter ‘KAS’ and you’ll find mod packs with ‘KAS’ in their name and also those which include that mod. You can also switch on/off which fields the search is looking in.

I’ve added a new caching system to the site, won’t bore you with details, it should just make stuff quicker!

Want to suggest something?

The KSP forum is the best place for that:

KSP Forum Thread
Found a bug?

Let me know on github;

KerbalX - Bug Tracker
Upload craft directly from KSP with the KerbalX Mod!
(and tag craft for download from any device and have them delivered into your game)

Previous dev blogs


Minor Updates

  • Slight change/fix to markdown parser for craft pages to enable you to nest an image inside a link, so you can make a clickable image which links to something. Also all links on craft pages that point to other sites will now open in a new tab. External links will also have a icon next to them (hovering the mouse over them will display which site they link to).


Minor Updates

  • Fixed issue when uploading craft that have certain special characters in the names or parts, modules or resources.

  • Fixed couple minor spelling mistaks


Bulk Downloads on Hangars

You can now download all the craft in a hangar as a zip.

Note: If you are the first person to download a zip for a hangar since it was last updated then there will be a 10-20 second wait while the zip is created and uploaded to Amazon AWS for storage. All subsequent requests for that zip will happen almost instantly.


Minor Fixes and a Minor feature

  • Updated ckan file reader to account for change in ckan’s installed-default file

  • Fixed a conflict in mod filters where a mod with a name that started with sci was triggering science part filters to be switched on


Minor Fix

Fixed issue that was preventing settings being changed on special hangars (downloads & favourites)


Minor Updates

  • Thumbnails can now be generated from youtube vids, so if you want your craft page to just have a youtube vid the craft thumbnail will be taken from the default thumbnail of the vid.

  • fixed bug where having a gif as the first image on the page prevented thumbnails from being generated


Customize your craft pages before posting

You can now customize your craft page before it is made visible to everyone else. Previously your craft was made public the instant you uploaded it, before you had the chance to customize the page. Now you can customize your craft’s page once it’s uploaded and then hit publish to make it public when you are ready. There is now a publish craft button at the top (and the bottom) of the craft edit page.


Albums and other fixes

There’s been a problem with imgur albums so we now have a new style of album display that can work with imgur albums and enables you to create custom albums from any set of pictures (from anywhere, they don’t have to be on imgur) and you can set albums to autocscroll.


First Release of the KerbalX Mod

There is now a mod for KerbalX that enables you to upload your craft from in the game! It also can enables you to download craft from any device and have them delivered to your game.

See the KerbalX Mod page for more info


KerbalX is out of beta

Today (Aug 31st 2016) marks two years since the launch of KerbalX and the end of its beta phase.



This update doesn’t add anything new but I’ve gone over a lot of the older code and made tweaks to make things more efficient. The most significant tweak has been to rewrite around 70% of the logic for processing craft files. This should result in faster times for uploading craft.


Detailed Part Data - patch

After the last update a number of craft were showing incorrect values for their mass and cost. This was because craft with scalled parts were not taking part scalling into account and some parts using scientific notation were being ignored. This should fix that and result in better values for mass and cost on modded craft.


Detailed Part Data

This update adds a big change to the knowledge base. KerbalX now gathers more detailed information about individual parts, including their mass, cost, crew capacity and required tech levels. So now your craft will display their total mass, cost and crew capacities.

You can also search for craft by those characteristics and there are a set of new filters which you can access via the “more filters” menu;
(The button to access the Mod Filters has also moved up to the same place.)


Minor updates

A couple bug fixes, some performance improvements, a new loading animation and a small addition to ModPacks.


Responsive Interface

This is a big update to the layout of KerbalX. My aim has been to keep the same look and feel, while gaining a responsive display. The site will now make better use of available screen space, both for larger displays and small.


Couple new Sort options and by Date Filter

You can now limit the craft shown to just today’s craft, craft from this week, or just from this month.


User and Hangar Following

This update lets you follow other users and get notifications when they upload new craft, or when they update an existing craft. You can also follow hangars and get a notification when a craft is added to the hangar. You also will get notified when someone follows you or one of your hangars. You can adjust which notifications you get in the notifications section of settings.



Some of you may have noticed some rather high download activity on your craft, it seems some bots have taken an interest in KSP craft!

To stop this from happening I’ve made a change to how craft are downloaded; craft and ckan file downloads now have to originate from KerbalX.


Thumbnail Image hosting

The last couple of weeks have been the most fraught for me since KerbalX’s first release. After imgur blocked access to KerablX I’ve had a mad scramble to get things fixed. I want to thank everyone for sticking with the site while things have been patchy. With the changes I’ve made Imgur have now said that they will lift the block, but this may take a couple days to take effect.


Stats Update

The original stats page has been updated and is now the dashboard

The same info is available, but the dashboard also shows a graph of views and downloads for all of your craft over time, and recent activity and comments on your craft.


Mostly behind the scene changes with this update, extending the API and working with linuxgurugamer in developing a mod that can publish and update craft to KerbalX from in game.

3D Printing of craft is now available. KerbalX and eucl3d have teamed up to enable 3D printing of craft on KerbalX. more about 3D printing


Edit Interface Update

The interface that you use to customize your craft’s page was one of the oldest parts of the site and was rather tricky to use. That interface has been re-written and there is now a much more intuative interface that also gives you better control over where you place things. Instead of clicking arrow links to move and resize things you now drag and drop to move and grab and drag edges to resize. It’s also easier to add new things to the page and you can more easily set the font-color (and now also the background color) of elements on the page.


Platform Upgrade

KerbalX has been moved to a more powerful database service (and and updated version of the database). Should sort out some of the problems with site speed that we’ve been having in recent weeks.

Search By CKAN


minor fix in detecting craft that use TweakScale


  • Craft with the updated FAR are now correcly detected

  • Atmospheric Sensor is now included in stock science parts (and the Nosecone has been taken out)


  • case insensitive login - The case of your username is now ignored when logging in. You can also log in using the email address you registered with.


Imgur Album Support

You can now display imgur albums with your craft. You can add albums to existing craft pages using [imgur] tags just like we do on the KSP forums i.e: [imgur]srhRE[/imgur]. When uploading a new craft you just need to put the 5 char album id into the add picture section and it will add the required tags for you when the page is created.


Knowledge Base Overhaul - CKAN compatibility

This update brings a major overhaul to the knowledge base and a change to how KerbalX can discover info about mods.


Interface Improvements

In this update I’ve done a lot of subtle improvements and fixes to the interface. If I’ve done things right then you shouldn’t really notice them! Small things like sorting spacing out between craft in the main page, fixing odd border sizes and other things like that.

Some of the more noticeable changes;

Site Logo!



Hangars allow you to create custom groups of craft. By default you get two hangars; your favourites and downloads hangars. Craft that you download are automatically added to your downloads hangar. You can add craft to you favourites hangar by clicking the star icon in the header bar at the top of a craft’s page.


Detecting Science

KX can now determine what parts are science parts by the modules and events they contain in the craft file, so craft now list which stock and mod science parts they have. Click Details on a crafts page and at the bottom left it will show you what science parts it has. It displays them in a short-hand form to save space, click to see full names and a count of each one. I want to replace the letters with icons, any of you guys good at making icons?

New Search Filters


Since adding pretty urls for craft in 0.7.0 there have been a few issues with some urls not working but I think those are mostly sorted now. Because your username is used in the urls for your craft there are now restrictions on what characters you can have in your username. A couple of you will need to change your usernames slightly, but I’ll mail you about that.

I’ve made a bit of a change to the login style and have removed the login/signup forms that slid in from the sides. I liked them, but they where causing problems on some browsers.


Quite a few things smushed together in this update;

Pretty Craft Urls - new feature

This is something I’ve been promising to do for ages, finally got round to it.


Mod download links

You can now suggest download links for mods (open a craft’s mod list and click suggest DL link or edit/rate link. Once a link has been suggested other users can vote it up or down or suggest other links.


Speed Improvements

I’ve not added any new features with this update, but I’ve (hopefully) improved the speed of the site. Particularly on the mod details pages. Loading the craft edit page should also be faster.

More new features like pretty urls, hangers(favourites) and download links for mods are in the pipe.


Updating Existing Craft

You can now update craft you’ve uploaded. They will be re-scanned and mod lists and craft info will be updated but otherwise the craft’s page will be unchanged.

You will be asked if you want to update an existing craft or create a new one if:


Notifications and Craft Stats

Notificiations about craft up/down votes and downloads have been changed. You now get one notification that displays recent activity on your craft, rather than a separate notification for each event. You still get notified the instant something happens (if you’re online), but you won’t have to click through lots of notifications after being away for a while.


Mod Detection
  • Craft that have TweakScale present but don’t have any scaled parts will no longer be detected as using TS.

  • Craft that use TweakableEverything are now detected, unfortunately there is no way to tell if TweakableEverything is actually applied.


Search by KSP version

You can now filter craft by the version of KSP they were made in.


Text Editing

You can now use more of the BBcode styles that we use on the forum. ie you can now add images in like this [img][/img] aswell as in the Kerbdown style [img:]

Click the Markdown help link when editing craft or commenting to see more of the formats available.


User Settings

You can now set the default sort filter under interface settings. You can also change notification settings there too.


Introducing the strawberry cheesecake version

You’ll be pleased to hear of a new feature that allows you to download a strawberry cheese cake if you bash you face against the screen hard enough