KerbalX Stats

KerbalX mod now available!

Upload your craft directly from KSP.

craft available
55.5% Stock
7812 Pure Stock Craft
44.5% Mod
6267 Modded Craft
The combined part count of all craft is 1,683,291 and the average part count is 119.48
(a total of 205,723 struts have been used!)
Craft have been downloaded
The Knowledge base is tracking
1,963 Mods
1,714 of which are available via CKAN
with a total of
17,198 Parts
(including 340 stock parts)

KerbalX was launched 870 days ago, in Aug 2014


Some of the info about top 10 mods may be a bit skewed.
TweakScale and FAR are being detected on craft where they don't actually apply (I'm working on a fix for this)

Info still to add:

  • Ave Part Count per KSP version
  • single most commonly used part
  • largest & smallest craft
  • most downloaded craft