Welcome to KerbalX

KerbalX is a place to share your Kerbal Space Program craft files, but it's much more than a simple file host.

KerbalX makes it very easy to share modded craft and enables you to search for craft by the mods they use.
As craft are uploaded they are scanned for the mods they use and mod craft get a list of their required mods displayed on their page (as well as other info that is read from the craft file). You can post pictures & videos about your craft and you can customize the layout of the page as much as you like, or just let the site sort it out for you.

KerbalX's Craft Search lets you select which mods you use and it will find craft that will work with your setup. You can also filter craft by which building they were built in (SPH/VAB), if they're a subassembly or not, filter by style (ie lander, rover, spaceplane etc), their part count, which science parts they have and more.
When you download a craft you can also choose to download it's "CKAN metapackage" that can be used to tell the CKAN mod manger to automatically installed the required mods.

You can also:
  • Create custom groups of craft called "Hangars" containing your pick of your and other users' craft.

    Hangars can be private or public and can contain any craft you like. They can also be set to allow others to post their craft into them (great if you run a youtube or twitch steam where viewers submit craft to you).

  • Create ModPacks that contain custom selections of mods.

    Makes it easy to share you mod setup with others and you can also load a ModPack into a search. If you use CKAN you can create a ModPack by dropping a file CKAN generates to quickly select your installed mods.

  • Search for Mods and Parts

    KerbalX has a huge database of parts and which mod they belong to. You can search this database to find a part you might be missing, or just to see the sorts of craft people make with certain mods.

Craft Sharing Made Simple

Drag and drop a craft file on the site and KerbalX will workout what mods it uses and other info about it. You can then customize a page with pictures, text, and videos about the craft.

KSP Mod Integration

You can upload your craft directly from within KSP using the KerbalX Mod or the more advanced Craft Manager Mod. As well as uploading using either mod you can also tag craft for download on the site and the mods will fetch the craft for you when you're in KSP. You can use this to tag craft for download while you're away (ie on your mobile) & then when you return to KSP the mod will fetch the craft for you.

CKAN Integration

KerbalX and CKAN work together in a number of ways.

  • All mod craft on KerbalX have a .ckan file available, if you download and give it to CKAN, the mod manager will automatically install the required mods.
  • You can also drop your installed-defaults.ckan file onto the mod search section and KerbalX will find craft that are compatible with your mod setup.
  • KerbalX uses CKAN as one of its ways to discover about mods.

Built for the community

My name is Katateochi and I'm a KSP addict. I also love the KSP community, and that's why I've built this site. I wanted to make it easy to share modded craft without the hassle of remembering what mods you used and then finding download links for them all.
KerbalX is in rolling development; it is stable and has its key features in place, but there are more features I want to add. I'm always interested to hear any feedback/suggestions you have so message me on the KSP forums!
Over the last year KerbalX had an uptime of 99.6%

Powered by the community

KerbalX uses a crowd sourced approach to discovering about mods. Users can download the part mapper tool and provide KerbalX with info about the mods they have installed.

These days KerbalX also uses CKAN to get info about mods, but not all mods are listed by CKAN, so KerbalX still needs it's users to run the part mapper tool and provide info.

Download the PartMapper and help make KerbalX better

Integrate with KSP

Upload & download craft in KSP

KXMod | Craft Manager
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