Help to grow the Knowledge Base of Mod parts

KerbalX needs you!

It depends on users uploading "part-maps" of installed parts to improve its ability to detect mods on craft. Uploading your part-map is easy;

Step Zero

Step One

Step Two

Downloading a fresh auth-token will invalidate previous tokens

Step Three

Put the PartMapper.exe and the KerbalX.key file in the root of your KSP folder

Step Four

Run PartMapper.exe
If you want it to remain open so you can see the log then run it from the command line
(start > cmd > cd <ksp_path> > PartMapper.exe)

Step Tea

Sit back and drink tea, it could take a minute or two.

The part mapper will read all the parts in your GameData folder and create a list of the mods they belong to. It will then send that data to KerbalX.

What exactly is this .exe I'm running?
The .exe is safe and has absolutely no malicious intent. The code is written in Ruby and you can see the source code here. The exe is compiled to contain the Ruby language so it can run on any windows machine, which is why it is 1.9MB. Nothing is transmitted about your machine or IP address and the only thing that is stored on KerbalX is a checksum of the mod-part data you sent.
What your data does

If you send data that contains mods/parts that KerbalX has not seen before it will create a new association. If it's already seen the mods/parts you've got it will strengthen existing associations.

On the other hand, if your data shows a part belonging to a different mod to what the knowledge base thinks then your data will weaken the association. If enough other people upload data with the same setup as you did then the association in the knowledge base will get weakened until it breaks and then a new association will form.

You will also get points for this, although this is not implemented yet. When I implement points for craft and downloads, there will also be points for making improvements to the knowledge base.