KerbalX API


The KerbalX API mod (KXAPI) is a mod that enables other (authorized) mods to interact with KerbalX's API.

KXAPI enables someone to log into their KerbalX account from a KSP mod. KXAPI handles all aspects of user authentication, so mods that connect to the KerbalX API don't ever need to collect login credentials.

KXAPI is the only way to access the KerbalX API and only mods which have been authorized can use KXAPI. If you want to use KXAPI in your mod you need to contact
KerbalX Support to apply for authorization.
This will be granted depending on what your mod's goal is and subject to adhearing to KerbalX rules.

If your mod is granted access you (the mod developer and any development collaborators you select) will be given the rights to digitally sign new versions of your mod with the API. Only mod releases which have been signed will be able to access the API. If someone forks your mod and modifies it, that modified version will not be able to access the API.

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