4 Landers on Booster
by professorjaytee
uploaded 2020-09-29
mod+DLC lander
#Crewed #Lander #Complete #Modded

All parts for 4 Landers on Booster

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AccelerometerFGA from AIES Aerospace
battery-rad-125 from Near Future Electrical
Decoupler.1 from Squad
dockingPort2 from Squad
enginelmodc from AIES Aerospace
EnginePlate4 from Making History DLC (root part)
escaleralad1 from AIES Aerospace
escalerar2s from AIES Aerospace
fuelTankSmallFlat from Squad
galaxvr2 from AIES Aerospace
HeatShield1 from Squad
HeatShield2 from Squad
ksp.r.largeBatteryPack from Squad
landingLeg1 from Squad
launchClamp1 from Squad
LETpod2m4k from Lithobrake Exploration Technologies (LET) (formerly LETech)
LgRadialSolarPanel from Squad
LT.Radio2 from L-Tech Scientific Industries Continued
M2X.RadialAASRB from Mk2 Stockalike Expansion
mumech.MJ2.AR202 from MechJeb 2
orbitaiespod from AIES Aerospace
PAPBarometer from AIES Aerospace
parachuteRadial from Squad
pointyNoseConeB from Squad
R8winglet from Squad
radialEngineMini.v2 from Squad
RelayAntenna50 from Squad
restock-fuel-tank-0625-3 from ReStock+
restock-fueltank-sphere-1875-1 from ReStock+
restock-truss-adapter-0625-1 from ReStock+
retinaGravimeter from AIES Aerospace
sasModule from Squad
sensorAccelerometer from Squad
sensorBeep from Mkerb Inc. Science Instruments
sensorGravimeter from Squad
sensorSound from Mkerb Inc. Science Instruments
sensorTime from Mkerb Inc. Science Instruments
Separator.0 from Squad
Separator.1 from Squad
solarPanels3 from Squad
solarPanels5 from Squad
stackPoint1 from Squad
strutConnector from Squad
SYdecoupler5m from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYdecouplerRadial1 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYdocking5m from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYengine3mP1 from SpaceY Expanded
SYengine5mR5 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYfairingBase5mP from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYsasR5m from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYSRB.1875L from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYtank5mL0750 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
TAL.Radial.Experiment.Storage.Container from Spherical and Toroidal Tank Pack
Thermometermt1 from AIES Aerospace
trussAdapter from Squad
vernierEngine from Squad