by pmborg
uploaded 2019-07-06
(updated 2019-07-06)
mod ship

All parts for 10millionDv

click on a part to find other craft that use the same part.
adapter-rad-125 from Near Future Construction
adapterLargeSmallBi from Squad
adapterLargeSmallQuad from Squad
batteryBankLarge from Squad
computerCore from KSP Interstellar Extended
CRY-1300Freezer from DeepFreeze Continued...
CT2503 from Interstellar Fuel Switch
DeadlusEngine from KSP Interstellar Extended
FertilizerMiniPack from USI Life Support
FTT.SAS.500.02 from USI Freight Transport Technologies
GlykerolTankRadial from DeepFreeze Continued...
HighGainAntenna5 from Squad
HL.AirshipEnvelope.Ray from Hooligan Labs Airships
ISRU from Squad
KKAOSS.LS.container.airfilter from Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
KKAOSS.LS.container.algae from Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
KKAOSS.LS.container.carbon.extractor from Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
KKAOSS.LS.container.greenhouse from Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
KKAOSS.LS.container.sabatier from Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
KKAOSS.LS.drill.water from Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
KKAOSS.Storage.size2.m from Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
kOSMachine1m from kOS: Scriptable Autopilot System
KspiEpstein from KSP Interstellar Extended
ladder1 from Squad
Large.Crewed.Lab from Squad
LargeFlatRadiator2 from KSP Interstellar Extended
LifeSupportMiniPack from USI Life Support
mk1-3pod from Squad (root part)
MulchMiniPack from USI Life Support
mumech.MJ2.AR202 from MechJeb 2
ntr-gc-25-2 from KerbalAtomics
parachuteLarge from Squad
parachuteRadial from Squad
RadialDrill from Squad
radialSnackTin from Snacks
RSBnosecone236 from Real Scale Boosters
RSBtankSaturn10m7m from Real Scale Boosters
rtg-0625 from Near Future Electrical
SmallTank from Squad
sspx-greenhouse-25-1 from Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux
sspx-greenhouse-375-1 from Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux
strutCube from Squad
SYtank10mL07500 from SpaceY Expanded
SYtank7m5mAdapter2 from SpaceY Expanded
TacCarbonExtractorLarge375 from TAC Life Support (TACLS)
TacLifeSupportContainerLarge from TAC Life Support (TACLS)
TacWaterPurifierLarge375 from TAC Life Support (TACLS)
telescopicLadderBay from Squad
USILS.Greenhouse.Inline from USI Life Support
USILS.LgRecycler from USI Life Support
USILS.Recycler from USI Life Support
WBI.PlasmaTV3 from Buffalo