KSS Yamamoto
by gerula
uploaded 2015-11-03
mod ship

All parts for KSS Yamamoto

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625BalloonHP from KerBalloons Continued
adapterSize2-Size1 from Squad
adapterSmallMiniShort from Squad
adapterSmallMiniTall from Squad
baha30mmAmmo from
bahaAdjustableRail from
bahaAGM-114 from
bahaAGM-65 from
bahaAim120 from
bahaAim9 from
bahaCmPod from
bahaECMJammer from
bahaFlirBall from
bahaGoalKeeper from
bahaH70Launcher from
bahaHarm from
bahaM230ChainGun from
bahaRBS-15Cruise from
bahaSmokeCmPod from
bdPilotAI from
bdRadome1inline from
bdRadome1snub from
CAL37mmflaKAmmoBox from C.A.L++ (Community Ammunition Library for BDArmory)
CircularIntake from Squad
commDish from Squad
delta.small from Squad
dockingPort3 from Squad
dockingwasher.stdScaleable from Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics - Legacy Parts
elevon2 from Squad
FS.Battery20 from The Maritime Pack
FS.Bitts from The Maritime Pack
FS.BouyancyBlister from The Maritime Pack
FS.CargoBridge from The Maritime Pack
FS.ClipperBow from The Maritime Pack
FS.ClipperEngine1 from The Maritime Pack
FS.ClipperHeloStern from The Maritime Pack
FS.ClipperHull from The Maritime Pack
FS.ClipperHullLF from The Maritime Pack (root part)
FS.ClipperRudder from The Maritime Pack
FS.Davit1 from The Maritime Pack
FS.Dinghy from The Maritime Pack
FS.Gangway from The Maritime Pack
FS.PaddleDeckLowerBoiler from The Maritime Pack
FS.PaddleDeckLowerCrew from The Maritime Pack
FS.ShipIntake from The Maritime Pack
FS.ShipNavigationLight from The Maritime Pack
FS.ShipSpotlight from The Maritime Pack
FS.WaterCompressor from The Maritime Pack
FS.WaterDecompressor from The Maritime Pack
fuelTank1-2 from Squad
fuelTank4-2 from Squad
GearFixed from Squad
GearFree from Squad
IR.RotatronScaleable from Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics - Legacy Parts
IRHingeTallScaleable from Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics - Legacy Parts
KAS.CPort1 from Kerbal Attachment System
KAS.Winch1 from Kerbal Attachment System
KAXkueyEngine from Kerbal Aircraft Expansion
KAXkueyTailRotor from Kerbal Aircraft Expansion
KAXmedJetFuel from Kerbal Aircraft Expansion
KAXmedTail from Kerbal Aircraft Expansion
ladder1 from Squad
largeAdapter2 from Squad
LargeTank from Squad
longAntenna from Squad
Mark2Cockpit from Squad
mediumDishAntenna from Squad
missileController from
NAS.AA.MG.37SKC30.KM from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.DD.127x2.IJN from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.RA.FuMO61.KM from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.RA.Mk25FC.USN from NAS - Naval Artillery System
noseCone from Squad
noseConeAdapter from Squad
OrbitalScanner from Squad
probeCoreCube from Squad
probeCoreSphere from Squad
R8winglet from Squad
radarDataReceiver from
rtg from Squad
sasModule from Squad
scanLockRadar1 from
seatExternalCmd from Squad
solarPanels4 from Squad
spotLight2 from Squad
stackSeparatorMini from Squad
structuralIBeam2 from Squad
structuralIBeam3 from Squad
structuralPanel1 from Squad
strutConnector from Squad
strutCube from Squad
strutOcto from Squad
SurveyScanner from Squad
trussAdapter from Squad
trussPiece1x from Squad
trussPiece3x from Squad
wingConnector5 from Squad
xenonTankRadial from Squad