by thatpilotguy
uploaded 2014-09-15
mod ship

All parts for ARGO-X

click on a part to find other craft that use the same part.
ALCOR.LanderCapsule from ALCOR
centrifuge1 from Habitat Pack
commDish from Squad
constellationBNTR from Constellation Essentials
coperniTrussShort from Constellation Essentials
dmAnomScanner from DMagic Orbital Science
dmsurfacelaser from DMagic Orbital Science
dmUSAccGrav from DMagic Orbital Science
dmUSGoo from DMagic Orbital Science
dmUSMagBoom from DMagic Orbital Science
dmUSMat from DMagic Orbital Science
dmUSPresTemp from DMagic Orbital Science
dmUSScope from DMagic Orbital Science
dockingPort2 from Squad
FASAlaunchClampAtlas from
FASAlaunchTower from
inlineCmdPod from Near Future Spacecraft (root part)
KW2mtankPancake from
KW5mengineGriffonC from
KW5x3AdapterShroud from
KWFinGC from
KWRadBattLargeS from
KWSASmodule5mHalf from
KWsrbGlobeX10L from
KWsrbUllageLarge from
KzInterstageAdapter2 from Procedural Fairings
KzProcFairingSide1 from Procedural Fairings
KzThrustPlate from Procedural Fairings
landingLeg1 from Squad
largeAdapter from Squad
liquidEngine3 from Squad
proceduralTankLiquid from Procedural Parts
proceduralTankTAC from Procedural Parts
radialDecoupler2 from Squad
radialRCSTank from Squad
RC.cone from RealChute Parachute Systems
RCSBlock from Squad
rcsTankRadialLong from Squad
rtg from Squad
sensorAccelerometer from Squad
sensorGravimeter from Squad
sensorThermometer from Squad
solarpanels-modern05 from Near Future Solar
strutConnector from Squad
tomtom from blizzy
US.d.Hub.Octocore from Universal Storage
US.i.Wedge.FuelCell from Universal Storage
USRPWS from DMagic Orbital Science