by pmborg
uploaded 2020-06-29
mod+DLC ship

All parts for Apollo11-4

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B9.Utility.Light.A8.White from B9 Aerospace Parts Pack
B9.Utility.Light.N1.White from B9 Aerospace Parts Pack
bluedog.Apollo.Block2.LES from Bluedog DB
bluedog.Decoupler.3p125m from Bluedog DB
bluedog.Saturn.S4B.InstrumentUnit from Bluedog DB
bluedog.Vega.Tankage from Bluedog DB
CDT2501 from TesserWreck's Stock Fuel Switch
FASAApollo.CM from
FASAApollo.CM.Decoupler from
FASAApollo.CM.HeatShield from
FASAApollo.CM.parachutes from
FASAApollo.CM.Top from
FASAApollo.DockingDevice from
FASAApollo.SM from
FASAApollo.SM.Dish from
FASAApollo.SM.RCS from
FASALM.AscentEngine from
FASALM.DecouplerRing from (root part)
FASALM.DescentEngine from
FASALM.DescentStage from
FASALM.DockingCone from
FASALM.LandingLegs from
FASALM.LandingLegStaircase from
HexCanLifeSupportSmall from TAC Life Support (TACLS)
KAL9000 from kOS: Scriptable Autopilot System
KspieSolarPanel from KSP Interstellar Extended
MEMLander from Making History DLC
Panel0 from Making History DLC
restock-drone-core-0625-1 from ReStock+
RSBdecouplerSaturnSII from Real Scale Boosters
RSBdecouplerSaturnSII8 from Real Scale Boosters
RSBdecouplerSaturnSIVB from Real Scale Boosters
RSBengineF1B from Real Scale Boosters
RSBengineHM7B from Real Scale Boosters
RSBengineJ2X from Real Scale Boosters
RSBtankSaturn10m7m from Real Scale Boosters
RSBtankSaturnSIC from Real Scale Boosters
RSBtankSaturnSII8 from Real Scale Boosters
RSBtankSaturnSIVB from Real Scale Boosters
Size1p5.Size0.Adapter.01 from Making History DLC
Size1p5.Tank.02 from Making History DLC
solarPanels1 from Squad
SYbay3m2m from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYclamp1 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYplate2m1mX1 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
TacLifeSupportContainer from TAC Life Support (TACLS)
telescopicLadder from Squad