Battleship Bismark
by golu
uploaded 2021-05-16
mod+DLC ship

All parts for Battleship Bismark

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adapterEngines from Squad
ammoCan.556mm from Master Tech Weapons
ammoCan50Caliber from Blue Hawk Industries
B9.Aero.Intake.RBM from B9 Aerospace Parts Pack
baha30mmAmmo from
baha50CalAmmo from
bahaCannonShellBox from
bahaChaffPod from
bahaCmPod from
bahaECMJammer from
bahaFlirBall from
bahaM102Howitzer from
bahaM230ChainGun from
bahaSmokeCmPod from
batteryBank from Squad
BDAsonarPod1A from
bdShipAI from
BoilerMedium from WW2 Warships
CROWS-30MM from kerbalfield
FSlancasterEngine from
LBPMdrive1 from
missileController from
MK1Fuselage from Squad
mk2LanderCabin.v2 from Squad
mk3CargoBayL from Squad
mk3CargoBayM from Squad
mk3FuselageLF.100 from Squad (root part)
MK56 Torpedo from [MNWS]Modern Naval Weapon System
NAS.AA.MG.20FlaK38x4.KM from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.AA.MG.25Type96x3.IJN from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.AA.MG.37SKC30.KM from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.AA.MG.40Boforsx2.RN from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.RA.21GoKai2.IJN from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.RA.Mk25FC.USN from NAS - Naval Artillery System
NAS.RA.Type281.RN from NAS - Naval Artillery System
PGZ-07 from kerbalfield
powerSystem from Future Weapons
radarDataReceiver from
RCSFuelTank from Squad
rcsTankMini from Squad
rotoServo.04 from Breaking Ground DLC
roverBody.v2 from Squad
smartsradar from MalFunc Industries
structuralPanel2 from Squad
strutConnector from Squad
sweptWing2 from Squad
trussPiece3x from Squad
UniversalAmmoBoxBDA from
wingConnector from Squad
wingConnector2 from Squad
wingShuttleElevon1 from Squad
YU-7 from kerbalfield