Ares Surface Exploration Vehicles
by Rocketdyne_H1
uploaded 2022-03-05
mod rover
#Duna #Rover #Modded

All parts for Ares Surface Exploration Vehicles

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advSasModule from Squad
Clydesdale from Squad
crewtube-airlock-125 from Stockalike Station Parts Expansion
Decoupler.1 from Squad
Decoupler.2 from Squad
FuelCell from Squad
fuelTank from Squad
KAS.JS1 from Kerbal Attachment System
KAS.RTS1 from Kerbal Attachment System
KIS.Container1 from Kerbal Inventory System
KIS.ContainerMount1 from Kerbal Inventory System
ksp.r.largeBatteryPack from Squad
ladder1 from Squad
light-area-01 from Stockalike Station Parts Expansion
liquidEngine2-2.v2 from Squad
liquidEngineMainsail.v2 from Squad
Lynx.CanisterFuel from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.CanisterFuelcell from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.CanisterKIS from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.CanisterScience from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.CrewCabin from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.FlatbedBig from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.Hitch.Active from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.Hitch.DockingPort from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.Hitch.Passive from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.Ladder from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.MobileLab from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.RemoteControl from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.ServiceBay from Feline Utility Rovers
Lynx.Solarpanel from Feline Utility Rovers
mediumCargoContainer from squadexpansion
mediumDishAntenna from Squad
mk2LanderCabin.v2 from Squad
navLight1 from Squad
nfs-panel-deploying-blanket-starship-1 from Near Future Solar
noseCone from Squad
parachuteRadial from Squad
probeCoreOcto2.v2 from Squad
radialDecoupler from Squad
radialDrogue from Squad
radialLiquidEngine1-2 from Squad
Rockomax16.BW from Squad
ScienceBox from Squad
sepMotor1 from Squad
Size3AdvancedEngine from Squad
spotLight1.v2 from Squad
spotLight2.v2 from Squad
spotLight3 from Squad
stackPoint1 from Squad
structuralIBeam1 from Squad
structuralIBeam2 from Squad
structuralIBeam3 from Squad
structuralPanel2 from Squad
strutConnector from Squad
strutCube from Squad
SYclamp1 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYdecoupler5m from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYdecouplerRadial1 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYfairingBase5mP from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYplate5m3mX1 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYSRBconeSize2 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYtank5mL0375 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
SYtank5mL1500 from SpaceY Heavy Lifters
telescopicLadder from Squad
trussPiece1x from Squad
trussPiece3x from Squad (root part)
wheelMed from Squad