Ares V - Altair
by DarthWiller
uploaded 2019-04-15
mod+DLC lander
#Altair #NASA #Constellation

All parts for Ares V - Altair

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advSasModule from Squad
asasmodule1-2 from Squad
batteryBank from Squad
batteryPack from Squad
crewCabin from Squad
Decoupler.1 from Squad
Decoupler.2 from Squad
dmmagBoom from DMagic Orbital Science
dmsurfacelaser from DMagic Orbital Science
dockingPort2 from Squad
externalTankCapsule from Squad
FuelCell from Squad
fuelTank from Squad
HexCanLifeSupportSmall from TAC Life Support (TACLS)
HexCanLifeSupportWasteSmall from TAC Life Support (TACLS)
HighGainAntenna5 from Squad
KW1mengineWildCatV from KW Rocketry
KW3mengineTitanT1 from KW Rocketry
KzInterstageAdapter2 from Procedural Fairings
KzProcFairingSide1 from Procedural Fairings
KzResizableFairingBase from Procedural Fairings
ladder1 from Squad
landingLeg1-2 from Squad
launchClamp1 from Squad
linearRcs from Squad
liquidEngine3.v2 from Squad
MainSailorFairingEggWht from Procedural Parts - MainSailor's Procedural Textures - Complete Texture Pack
MiniDrill from Squad
Panel0 from Making History DLC
Panel1p5 from Making History DLC
parachuteRadial from Squad
pointyNoseConeA from Squad
probeStackSmall from Squad (root part)
proceduralTankLiquid from Procedural Parts
radialDecoupler1-2 from Squad
radialDrogue from Squad
RadialOreTank from Squad
rcsTankRadialLong from Squad
restock-engine-boar from ReStock+
restock-fuel-tank-375-4 from ReStock+
restock-nosecone-1875-1 from ReStock+
restock-rcs-block-dual-1 from ReStock+
restock-srb-anvil-1 from ReStock+
sensorAccelerometer from Squad
sensorBarometer from Squad
sensorGravimeter from Squad
sensorThermometer from Squad
sepMotor1 from Squad
Size3LargeTank from Squad
strutConnector from Squad
SurfaceScanner from Squad
telescopicLadderBay from Squad
Triangle1 from Making History DLC
Triangle1p5 from Making History DLC
Tube1p5 from Making History DLC