F-35B Lightning II
by Chippy
uploaded 2017-03-11
(updated 2019-03-27)
stock aircraft
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F-35B Lightning II


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 73
  • Pure Stock This a replica of the F-35 fighter jet. The sleak design has surprising accuracy to the real model. It is pure stock and capable of VTOL flight when the engine is pointed downward. See the instructions below.


Dual-elevon Elevator System

This creative design gives the F-35 resemblance to the actual design while also allowing extreme maneuverablity.

Rotating Rear Engine

The stock pivoting engine allows the craft to perform vertical and horizontal flight without using two rear engines.

Concealed Secondary Vertical Thrust Point

While stowed in the bay, this second vertical engine produces no drag.This engine must be used while performing vertical flight.

Similarity to Real Design


To change to VTOL mode on the ground
1) Hit 3 to decouple the rear engine
2) Press ] to switch to the rear engine (it is its own vessel).
3) Hold W or S until the engine docks with the other port and locks in place.
4) Press 4 and 5 to start up the front VTOL engine
5) Slowly increase the trust until you reach about ¾ (That is when it should begin to take off)
6) Profit!

To change to Horizontal mode from Vertical while in air
1) Get to an altitude of about 500m
2) Quickly press 3, 4 and 5 at the same time.
3) Quickly press ] to switch to the rear engine.
4) Hold S to lock the engine back in place
5) Press 1 to hit afterburners so you don’t crash.

To change to VTOL from Horizontal while in air
1) Press 4 and 5 to activate the front VTOL engine.
2) Lower airspeed below 100m/s
3) Press 3 to decouple the rear engine.
4) Press ] to switch to the rear engine.
5) Press X to stop it from running.
6) Hold W to redock it in the upward position.
7) Regain control and profit!

See video for examples of what each of these maneuvers looks like when done correctly.

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