AT-L-3 Buckeladler EXPORT
by letramixer
uploaded 2018-07-27
mod aircraft
#transport #cargo #cargoplane #propeller #eagle

All parts for AT-L-3 Buckeladler EXPORT

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airlinerCtrlSrf from Squad
avionicsNoseCone from Squad
bahaAdjustableRail from
bahaChaffPod from
bahaCmPod from
bdPilotAI from
bigwing from Airplane Plus
doublefowlerflap from Airplane Plus
elevon2 from Squad
elevon3 from Squad
elevon5 from Squad
harpChaffBox from NKD - North Kerbin Dynamics for BDArmory
harpFlareBox from NKD - North Kerbin Dynamics for BDArmory
herculesfrontgear from Airplane Plus
herculesgear from Airplane Plus
KAS.CPort1 from Kerbal Attachment System
KAS.Strut1 from Kerbal Attachment System
KAS.Winch2 from Kerbal Attachment System
KIS.Container1 from Kerbal Inventory System
KIS.ContainerMount1 from Kerbal Inventory System
KKAOSS.gangway.airlock from Kerbal Planetary Base Systems
kruegerflap from Airplane Plus
light-area-01 from Stockalike Station Parts Expansion from Aviation Lights
lightcircle from Grounded - Modular Vehicles from Aviation Lights from Aviation Lights
lightnav.white from Aviation Lights
lightsquare from Grounded - Modular Vehicles
lightstrobe.white from Aviation Lights
MedLadderUtility from Ven's Stock Part Revamp
miniFuselage from Squad
minishortboom from Airplane Plus
missileController from
Mk1FuselageStructural from Squad
mk3Cockpit.Airliner from (root part)
mk4turboprop-125-1 from Mark IV Spaceplane System
opt.winglet.c.elevon from OPT Spaceplane Continued
s2CargoRamp from Airplane Plus
seatExternalCmd from Squad
SmallStripLight from Ven's Stock Part Revamp
smallwingConnectortip from Airplane Plus
spoilerflap from Airplane Plus
structuralWing from Squad
structuralWing3 from Squad
strutCube90 from Ven's Stock Part Revamp
sweptWing2 from Squad
SXTadapterSize3Mk3 from Stock Extension
SXTOsualHullLarge from Stock Extension
SXTOsualRadHull from Stock Extension
SXTOsualRadHullEnd from Stock Extension
SXTradialWindow from Stock Extension
sxtshroudradialhardpoint from Stock Extension
telescopicLadder from Squad
wingConnector4 from Squad