Armored tank/car
by Pinecone227
uploaded 2016-11-17
(updated 2016-11-17)
mod rover
#really #good #7mmfireresistant #mods #moremods

All parts for Armored tank/car

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105DerpGun from SM Armory
13mmBox from AviatorArsenal
20mmBox from AviatorArsenal
23mmBox from AviatorArsenal
50calBox from AviatorArsenal
7mmBox from AviatorArsenal
AIantenna from AviatorArsenal
baha30mmAmmo from
bahaCmPod from
bahaFlirBall from
batteryPack from Squad
BredaSAFATLong from AviatorArsenal
BredaSAFATPort from AviatorArsenal
FuelCell from Squad
fuelLine from Squad
IR.RotatronScaleable from Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics - Legacy Parts
IRHingeTallNDScaleable from Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics - Legacy Parts
JSIPrimitiveExternalCamera from RasterPropMonitor
KAS.CPort1 from Kerbal Attachment System
KAS.Winch2 from Kerbal Attachment System
KIS.Container1 from Kerbal Inventory System
KIS.ContainerMount1 from Kerbal Inventory System
ksp.r.largeBatteryPack from Squad
ladder1 from Squad
LgRadialSolarPanel from Squad
longAntenna from Squad
M2ExposedBarrel from AviatorArsenal
M2GunPort from AviatorArsenal
mediumDishAntenna from Squad
microEngine from Squad
miniFuelTank from Squad
mk1pod from Squad
MWILightWieghtAntennae1SMI from SM Marine
probeCoreOcto2 from Squad
radialEngineMini from Squad
radPanelSm from Squad
ringantenna from AviatorArsenal
roverWheel1 from Squad
rtg from Squad
sasModule from Squad
seatExternalCmd from Squad
sensorAccelerometer from Squad
SMsMK9Gren from SM Armory
solarPanels5 from Squad
spotLight1 from Squad
stackDecouplerMini from Squad
stackPoint1 from Squad
structuralIBeam1 from Squad
structuralIBeam2 from Squad
structuralIBeam3 from Squad (root part)
structuralPanel1 from Squad
strutConnector from Squad
strutCube from Squad
telescopicLadder from Squad
trussPiece1x from Squad
xenonTankRadial from Squad