AH-1 cobra (GG)
by Gelo10102
uploaded 2017-08-20
mod aircraft
#attack #helicopter

All parts for AH-1 cobra (GG)

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adapterSmallMiniTall from Squad
airbrake1 from Squad
airplaneTailB from Squad
baha30mmAmmo from BD Armory Continued
bahaAdjustableRail from BD Armory Continued
bahaAGM-114 from BD Armory Continued
bahaChaffPod from BD Armory Continued
bahaCmPod from BD Armory Continued
bahaFlirBall from BD Armory Continued
bahaH70Launcher from BD Armory Continued
bahaM230ChainGun from BD Armory Continued
elevon3 from Squad
fuelTankSmall from Squad
GooExperiment from Squad
hipprop from Airplane Plus
IntakeRadialLong from Squad
JuniorFuselage from Airplane Plus
ksp.r.largeBatteryPack from Squad
mediumDishAntenna from Squad
miniFuselage from Squad
minishortboom from Airplane Plus
missileController from BD Armory Continued
Mk1FuselageStructural from Squad (root part)
Mk1JuniorStructural from Airplane Plus
mk1pod from Squad
PEW-ANAWW13 from P.E.W (Promethium Experimental Weaponry)
PEW-mk19 from P.E.W (Promethium Experimental Weaponry)
powertail from Airplane Plus
probeCoreOcto2 from Squad
radarDataReceiver from BD Armory Continued
RadialOreTank from Squad
ramAirIntake from Squad
seatExternalCmd from Squad
sensorAccelerometer from Squad
sensorAtmosphere from Squad
sensorBarometer from Squad
sensorThermometer from Squad
smallCtrlSrf from Squad
smallwingConnector1 from Airplane Plus
spotLight1 from Squad
stackSeparatorMini from Squad
standardNoseCone from Squad
structuralIBeam1 from Squad
structuralIBeam2 from Squad
structuralIBeam3 from Squad
structuralPanel1 from Squad
strutConnector from Squad
strutCube from Squad
stubbytinynose from Airplane Plus
SurfAntenna from Squad
sweptWing2 from Squad
univAmmoBox from C.A.L++ (Community Ammunition Library for BDArmory)
wingConnector4 from Squad