Airplane - A-13 "Bulldog"
by Cobrahmmy
uploaded 2018-09-27
mod aircraft

All parts for Airplane - A-13 "Bulldog"

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B9.Aero.AirBrake.Surface.Large from B9 Aerospace Parts Pack
B9.Aero.Wing.Procedural.TypeA from B9 Procedural Wings Modified
B9.Aero.Wing.Procedural.TypeB from B9 Procedural Wings Modified
B9.Aero.Wing.Procedural.TypeC from B9 Procedural Wings Modified
B9.Body.Mk1.Cargo.Bay.200m from B9 Aerospace Parts Pack
baha30mmAmmo from BDArmory
bahaAdjustableRail from BDArmory
bahaAGM-114 from BDArmory
bahaAGM-65 from BDArmory
bahaAim9 from BDArmory
bahaChaffPod from BDArmory
bahaClusterBomb from BDArmory
bahaCmPod from BDArmory
bahaECMJammer from BDArmory
bahaFlirBall from BDArmory
bahaGau-8 from BDArmory
bahaH70Launcher from BDArmory
bahaHarm from BDArmory
bahaJdamMk83 from BDArmory
batteryBank from Squad
bdPilotAI from BDArmory
bdRadome1 from BDArmory
bdRadome1snub from BDArmory
bdRadome1snubGA from BDArmory
bdRotBombBay from BDArmory
burnTogether from Burn Together!
cargo-5-3 from Near Future Launch Vehicles
EjectionModule from EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats
GearSmall from Squad
IntakeRadialLong from Squad
IronVostok.Antenna.A from Vostok
IronVostok.BlokE.LFO.A from Vostok from Aviation Lights from Aviation Lights from Aviation Lights
lightnav.white from Aviation Lights
lightstrobe.white from Aviation Lights
missileController from BDArmory
MK1Fuselage from Squad
NBprobeRadial2 from Modular Rocket Systems
quizTechMk1K10Cockpit from QuizTechAeroPackContinued (root part)
radarDataReceiver from BDArmory
radialEngineBody from Squad
SaturnAL31 from BDArmory
SmallGearBay from Squad
straightslat from Airplane Plus
strutConnector from Squad
telescopicLadder from Squad
W485.SurfaceLight from Surface Mounted Lights