Kerbal Stunt Dummy 2
by swjr-swis
uploaded 2017-02-22
stock probe
#stock #kerbal #test #dummy #fakejeb2


Aka FakeJeb2. 96kg, head hands feet pack in the right places.
A stock subassembly called Kerbal Stunt Dummy 2. Built in KSP version 1.2.2, with 6 of the finest parts, its root part is strutCube.
Dimensions and mass very close to that of a kerbal sitting in a command chair (just a 0.002t difference), offering a quick and easy way to run successive tests with EAS-1 command seat craft.
No need for elaborate pod gantries, or repetitive transfer of kerbals from pods to seats for every single test. Just attach the conveniently sized and shaped FakeJeb2 (model KTD2) into the EAS-1 command seats in the SPH/VAB, launch, and test away!


  • Create your craft, place the EAS-1 seats.
  • Load the KTD2 subassembly and drag to the seat - an angle from above works best.
  • Point the cursor at a spot just behind the EAS seating grate.
  • The subassembly attaches pointing down and front, so roll it around to the top.
  • There you go, EAS-1 filled with a KTD2 - ‘hands’ on the controls, ‘feet’ on the pedals, ‘backpack’ recessed into the seat, ‘helmet’ where it goes, and CoM very close to the original.

Your craft is ready for successive testing without the tedious repetition of live kerbal boarding procedures.
(Yes, I had a fever when I made this, literally. Sometimes I do big complicated things, sometimes my head isn’t up to much more than a stick figure. It’s still useful I think. What can I say.)


  • Type: Subassembly
  • Class: probe
  • Part Count: 6
  • Pure Stock

Don’t take anything too seriously, I’m mostly just having crazy fun testing the (im)possibilities of flight, physics and design in the amazing sandbox that is Kerbal Space Program. Feedback is welcome!

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