by gameplayreviewuk
uploaded 2021-05-26
stock+DLC station
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#1 Zarya - Adam’s ISS

I take great pleasure in presenting to you the first in a very long list of craft files that will take you on a journey that you will hopefully enjoy very much and learn a great deal from.

Zarya was the first part of the International Space Station to be launched and even though I intend for this to be a low part count build (For a detailed ISS) and I have tried to be as efficient with parts as I can. Having said that Zarya has 3 times the part count my mock up originally had. This is probably because I have added a few extra details that I felt the core deserved plus the solar panels have fair few too.



  • Type: VAB
  • Class: station
  • Part Count: 360
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.11.1 Requires DLCs

Don’t forget the flags (GRUK/flags not squad/flags)

The image descriptions match the required file names (.png) If Imgur is too much hassle then please do check out the free zip folder on my Patreon page which will ensure all file names and paths are correct

Built in KSP version 1.11.1 using 360 of the best parts

Lovingly created by Adam from GameplayReviewUK

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