"Katateochi" Class Heavy Transport SSTO
by Yakuzi
uploaded 2017-12-16
stock spaceplane
#YAK #ssto #stock #spaceplane #Cargo


SSTO cargo spaceplane dedicated to Katateochi (with permission :P), for the creativity and amazing work he’s done with designing, maintaining and updating the KerbalX mod and website. The Katateochi delivers an orange tank (36 t) and 4 Kerbals to at least 250x250 km medium Kerbin orbit and is very easy to handle. Made in KSP 1.3.1 by Yakuzi.

Action groups
1. Toggle RAPIER engines, control from RC-L01 RGU
2. Switch RAPIER mode
5. Toggle air brakes
9. Toggle cargo bay
0. Toggle docking bay

Ascent profile
1. Press Z, T, then 1
2. At the end of the runway, set and forget attitude of 10 degrees.
3. When starting to lose speed (~1480 m/s), press 2 to switch to closed cycle mode
4. Burn to desired apoapsis (~250 km), set SAS to prograde
5. Circularise at ~apoapsis

Descent profile
1. Burn retrograde until periapsis of ~35 km
2. Press 2 to switch to air-breathing mode, level wings and set SAS to prograde
3. At 70 km, set SAS to stability assist, keep attitude between 0 to 45 degrees
4. Under 400 m/s , adopt a glide angle of 0 to -15 degrees
5. Approach runway at ~90 m/s, flare and touch down


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 135
  • Pure Stock
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