Humpy lumpy rover
by Tidan10
uploaded 2017-02-09
stock base
#rover #science #base #Laythe #stock

A stock, wheeled base, designed to survive a trip to Laythe and collect science and process it in its internal lab.

Features :

  • A crew capacity of 19 kerbals !
  • A complete mining and processing rig !
  • A top speed of 20 m/s on land !
  • All types of docking ports for all of your expansion needs !
  • A complete science kit, along with a mobile lab !
  • An integrated fairing and Rhino engine for interplanetary travel (over 2200 m/s alone) !

The rover does not come with a booster to get it into space, but it uses its own fuel capacity to move itself around in space. All you need to get to Laythe is to add a lower stage that can get it up to LKO with around 1000 m/s to spare.

Total weight : 136 tons.
Total cost (fuel and engine included) : 238,892 Funds.
Size (on the ground) : 6.7 m x 6.9 m x 26.5 m.

[1] deploys all of the extendable apparatus.

Feel free to upgrade it however you want and repost it !
Enjoy your trip and prepare to fix these wheels !


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: base
  • Part Count: 129
  • Pure Stock
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