Dr 190 'Bluebird'
uploaded 2017-10-19
stock aircraft
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 109
  • Pure Stock


The Dr 190 was designed by Dritsas Aerospace for the Republic Of Kerbinia to fill a void in the KAF’s range of fighters. After the success of the Dr 1001 coming at a high price, (especially during the Third Kerbo-Kraken War where the lack of a cockpit to protect the airkerbs and a lightweight - but as a result fairly weak - body contributed to massive loss of life during sorties and bomber escort missions) Professor Dritsas T. Kerbinstien, the mastermind behind the Dr 1001 was tasked to make an improved fighter: the craft would need to be safer, sturdier and easier to fly. Reportedly, the professor immediately retreated to the R&D department at the KSC and set to work.

Prime Minister John C. Kerbin and his clique of military advisors were shocked to see that within only a matter of weeks Kerbinstien brought to the table a design not only with suck speed and skill, but he had quite literally changed the face of aviation on Kerbin.

‘Bluebird’ as it was commonly known by airkerbs was a complete change in design concept and theory. The plane was built on the principles of survivability, efficency and looking darn cool. While the plane didn’t see combat in the Third Kerbo-Kraken War, it was used in the role of heavy fighter to clear the skies of Dr 1001’s during the Kerbinian Civil War (due to the fact that no significantly heavy fighters or bombers existed, so the Bluebird was very large in comparison to the Dr 1001) and played a vital role as a fighter-bomber supporting Australian troops during the Great Emu War.

Pilot feedback was very positive, and of particular note was the maneuvurability of the plane: while no match for the Dr 1001 it was significantly more stable and more robust. While many noted that the cockpit did give increased protection, many called for more to be done following reports of the death Hans Kerman during the civil war (a famous ace alongside his brother) who was killed by ground forces after a bullet entered the craft under the cockpit and left through his shoulder, rendering him dead instantly.

In the years following Kerbinia’s involvement in the Great Emu War on the side of Australia the plane would be decommisioned from military service, being replaced by faster, more heavily armed and protected fighters, and most would find homes in the hands of private collectors or the Monolith Cult, the later of which would rely on the plane during their short-lived attempted to proclaim independence.

In the eternal words of John C. Kerbin: Before the Bluebird, the KAF was the pride of the nations military. After the Bluebird the ego of a nation was shattered into a million pieces, and yet without it we would have almost certainly found ourselves as servants of interdimensional birds. Sacrifices were made, and a populace grew up that day.

To this day there are still those who claim that had it not been for the Dr 190 the Emus would have won the war.

KSP version 1.3.1.

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