Endeavour 1
by xXx_360NOSCOPE_xXx
uploaded 2017-12-09
stock spaceplane

Action groups:
[1]toggle rapier engines.
[2]toggle Vector engine.
[3]switch mode on rapiers.
[5]toggle air breaks.
[6]toggle docking port.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 148
  • Pure Stock


A Mig-21 style SSTO capable of 32 kerbals to LKO and Mun Flyby (if flown correctly) .
User manual:
I.Take off procedure:
1.Use the entire runway for take-off (only use rapiers for takeoff).
2.Pitch up to 10 degrees and retain that angle for the rest of the ascent.
3.Switch to closed-cycle mode and pitch up to 20 degrees when you have reached 23km above the atmo.
4.Turn on Vector engine and shut off rapiers when your ship apoapsis is above 65km.
5.Use Vector engine for circularization and others space maneuver.
*If flown correctly you should have about 1200 m/s deltaV, enough for a Mun (or Minmus) flyby.
II.Reentry and landing.
1.For Mun flyby mission you should have your orbit periapsis about 50km above kerbin atmo for a safe aerobrake.
2.Reentry angle should be 40 degrees (the ship is pretty stable for reentry)
3.Careful with your vertical velocity when landing or the ship will break upon landing.

Enjoy your flight!

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