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uploaded 2015-05-23
stock spaceplane
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  • Type: VAB
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 183
  • Stock:
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Action Groups:¨¨1:Skipper 1 (Angled)¨2:Skipper2 (Inline)¨3:Thuds (Angled)¨4:Jet Engines¨5: Cargo Doors¨6: Booster Thuds¨0: Tail Fin Airbreak¨

A stock, budget, space transport system. Wash Corp is proud to present, KOSTS™ - CS3B. Hand built with 183 stock parts, its root part is the mk3Cockpit.Shuttle.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.0.2.

Designed with career mode in mind to lift a maximum payload of 20 tons into orbit, on a budget. This little lady packs a punch.

Don’t try to launch without a payload, the craft is setup and balanced to carry something around 18 tons (the grey fuel tank) to around 150km and return home to KSC. Limit orbiter engine 2 to 50% for anything lighter than 10 tons.

The boosters and their chutes are set to be returnable with the mod ‘Stage Recovery’ by magico13. (If you don’t use that mod move the chutes onto the same stage as the radial decouplers for the boosters or remove them).

A more light weight version can be achieved by removing the small tanks on the top of the booster and removing some of the mono prop tanks.

How to Fly.

SAS ON! in stability assist mode.

1: hit Z, space and then the S key to keep heading straight up 90°.

2: 3000m tap S to roll your dorsal (east) to 80° throttle down one touch.

3: 7000m you should be at about 70° and throttling down a little more.

4: Let the vehicle ascend through 20km holding 45° reducing the throttle gradually to be around 50% just before booster cut off.

You may at this point start to pitch over toward the horizon, turn SAS to prograde and toggle the booster Thud engines OFF (6) to recover control authority and bring your nose back toward prograde.

5: At Booster separation you MUST hit 2 with the space bar to toggle the orbiter’s second skipper engine OFF. If you don’t, you will pitch upwards. Now punch it Chewie! (Z)

Note the probe core on the left hand side near the engines, this can be used after booster separation, control from there and keep SAS on prograde, it’s angled into the center of thrust and mass.

Let your AP develop to 70km then bun under the horizon to build horizontal speed. When E tank is empty, cut thrust and get rid. Control from cockpit, toggle OFF the angled engine (1) and the Thuds (3) turn ON the straight engine (2) circularise.

Lots can be achieved with RCS by tuning radial and using the ventral and dorsal thrusters ( I + K ). seriously, it’s got a bag full of Δv in the way of mono prop (1300 units).


Burn retro over the mountain in the middle of the dessert west of the KSC continent. Bring your vector somewhere off the eastern cost of KSC, between the island and peninsular.

Now turn SAS back to prograde, make sure RCS is ON. Control from the right hand probe on tail section and let the decent progress, it will automatically hold you angled 30° above prograde. there should be no need to use the air breaks on action group 0.

When you’re just about level with the surface at 650ms, turn SAS to stability assist mode (F) and control from the cockpit and glide her home.

She has jet engines too, just land her already… woop woop, PULL UP!

Have fun and let me know how you do with it, if I need to write more etc.

If you need to put something a little heavier into orbit, look no further! http://kerbalx.com/washproof/SHOTS

Cheers, washproof. http://www.twitch.tv/washproof

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