K-142 - Harris
by varonessor
uploaded 2017-04-26
mod aircraft
#VTOL #Fighter #Jet


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 44
  • Mods: 2


  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakScale - Rescale Everything!


Built with 44 parts, this jet is capable of easy vertical takeoff and landing and comes complete with air-brakes for maneuverability and twin fuel pods for added range. Top speed is mach 3.0

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.2. Tweakscale was used to re-scale the hovering thrusters so they would fit inside a standard MK-II Cargo Bay. The rest of the craft is stock.


Warning: Attempting to fly in VTOL mode without RCS and SAS enabled carries a high risk of death. Always fly with SAS and RCS enabled.

Vertical Takeoff

Throttle up to full and use action group 3 to begin lift off. Pitch downward slightly to build up some horizontal speed and then use action group 4 to toggle the main engines on. Raise the landing gear and press 3 again to exit VTOL mode.

Normal Takeoff

To take off horozontally, simply use action group 4 to activate the main engines and fly as normal.


To land, simply kill as much horizontal speed as possible using whatever variety of banking maneuvers, dive maneuvers, or barrel rolls you please. The built-in air-brakes assist greatly in reducing horizontal speed (Action group 1). Cut the main engines (Action group 4) and activate VTOL mode (action group 3). Pitch upward to further reduce horizontal speed to below 10 m/s (closer to zero is better) and begin to throttle down your engines to descend. Remember that jet engines take time to spin up or down. As a rule of thumb, ¾ throttle is a gentle descent and 50% throttle is a rapid descent. Remember that this will change as you consume fuel. Be sure to monitor the vertical speed indicator next to the altimeter on your HUD. The K-142 is rated for landings up to 12 m/s, but lower speeds are generally safer. Don’t be afraid to throttle up just before touchdown.

Alternately, you can simply land it as you would any other jet, using the landing gear and a long flat space. Remember to use the air-brakes for better stopping distance!

During Flight
  • Action Group 1 activates the wing-mounted air-brakes. These air-brakes are designed to increase maneuverability and aid with landings.

  • Action Group 2 activates the afterburners on the main engine. Note: VTOL thrusters always run in Wet mode.

  • Action Group 3 toggles VTOL mode. VTOL Mode opens the thruster bay, engages the RCS thrusters for attitude control while hovering, and activates the hovering thrusters.

  • Action Group 4 toggles the main engines on and off.

  • Staging will dump the external fuel tanks allowing you to reach your top speed and maneuverability.

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