Crickett Lander
by tjsnh
uploaded 2015-12-28
mod lander
#lander #commandchair


Monoprop Lander

The .craft file I uploaded to KerbaX is a subassembly - use a mini size male docking port at the bottom of the TKS cargo bay. DO NOT USE A DECOUPLER OR SEPARATOR. Then attach the lander inside the cargo bay, connecting via the docking port. You may or may not need to right clock the docking port and decouple node or undock before EVA'ing a Kerbal to the command seat, depending on the design of your craft. Because of the way command seats work, the translation thruster controls are rotated 90 degrees. The K key will fire RCS downward relative to the Kerbal sitting in the chair.

This originated in my attempts to make a work-alike for the Langley lander that was supposed to go with the Gemini EOR-profile Moon mission, and would fit in the TKS cargo bay (which mounted between a Gemini pod and Service Module makes a failry convincing analog for the original NASA design). Sadly I wasn’t able to get enough delta-V crammed in to return from Munar surface, but you CAN land this thing on the Mun for a one-way trip (if you’re very careful). Further experimental testing on Minmus gave better results, and it proved practical. I’m using it now in my career-mode save, deployed from inside a TKS/VA as a Minmus lander.

The only caveat is that depending on your craft design, KSP may drain the tanks in the lander BEFORE the monoprop tanks in your regular craft, so check before detaching.

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