Jackson Series Mk2d
by sumguy
uploaded 2016-04-10
stock spaceplane


Jackson is an Infinity Ship

Jackson Mk2d is the latest iteration of the Jackson Series. The Jackson Series are steps on the way to a Single Stage Grand Tour. Designed to self fuel with mining, and to land on every planet and moon in the stock kerbal game.

To start your own grand tour:
10º to 230 m/s the 20º to 200 m/s then 10º, Craft pulls up to 15º, 10º at 11.5km(powerslide), 10º at 17km stage in nuke, 10º again at 21.5km, press 3 to kick on first closed cycle set when speed starts dropping, nose will rise, hit 4 to toggle rest of rapiers when whiplashes flame out, set nose to 25º, snap to prograde when apo hits 55km, rapiers cut out when 440 ox left, keep nuke on tied to prograde, set to 10-15º at 62km with stability, use oxidizer as needed to keep apo more than 10 seconds ahead. once in orbit (I had 34 ox left) extend solar and convert all ore to liquid fuel, using only nuke do a 10 minute burn at the ascending or descending node, make sure your periapsis stays above 70km, add next maneuver and set apo at minmus height and skip as many orbits as necessary to get intercept (30d for me), set equitorial minmus periapsis with mid tranfer course change to 10km, land using remaining oxidizer as RCS or to supplement nuke.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.0.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 216
  • Pure Stock
This craft was built during the pre-release phase of KSP more info
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