by suicidal_banana
uploaded 2017-09-28
stock aircraft


A propeller plane made from 192 stock parts, this is my 4th try at stock propeller engines (hence the name) and the first that’s sorta decent, even though it still leaves a lot to be desired (speed!) at least i managed to get it sturdy and sorta reliable. There’s 4 engine’s/props, 2 on each side, spinning in opposite directions to prevent unwanted roll, because of its design, (self sustaining engines) it can fly forever. Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.
Max speed going straight along the horizon is roughly 75m/s (any tips to improve this welcome!)
Taking off:
1] Press the parking brake icon
2] Alt+E to trim the roll to max
3] Press 1 to disconnect the engines/fire them up
4] Press Alt+X to reset the trim
5] Enable SAS
6] Disable the parking brake
7] Once taken off, close the landing gear
- SAS pretty much mandatory (nice smooth flying when on, light but annoying shakes when off)
- Dont make sharp turns, its slow but its turning isnt, so if you overdo your turns its gonna drop out of the sky and/or rip apart the engines
- Dont climb to steep, something like 30’ max
1] Use [ & ] to select the ‘engine-probes’, disable front engine on each side with Alt+X (use ] and engine 1&3 are front ones)
2] Coast down on the remaining power
3] Open landing gear, enable brake
4] Touch down, slow down to a stop while leaving room to turn the plane
5] When u wanna take off again, you max the roll trim on the same two engines again, starting with the engine opposite to the side you wanna turn (so the time it takes you to enable both engines in effect turns the plane 180’ ready for takeoff)
- The fairings are optional, you can pop them off if u wanna see the engine itself, they’re only there for aerodynamics
- Idea for stock propeller plane came from Squiddy’s youtube tutorial :D


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 192
  • Pure Stock
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