Sukhoi SU-35S [Aerobatics]
by suepcat
uploaded 2017-11-01
(updated 2017-11-07)
stock aircraft
#Sukhoi #Stock #Jet #Plane #Fighter


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 85
  • Pure Stock

suepcat’s Sukhoi SU 35S


Hello KerbalX, may I present: My Sukhoi SU 35S, finetuned for aerobatic maneuvers! It is built true to the unstable aerodynamic nature of the newer Sukhoi jets, allowing for post-stall-maneuvers and extremely responsive flight controls. The plane features a very simplistic design and doesnt look exactly like its real counterpart but it makes up for it by bringing you top notch maneuverability and loads of fun when taking it for a spin around the KSC.


  • [for keyboard] Before takeoff right click the tail fin of the plane and pin its menue to the screen. Adjust the authority limit to certain situations (see below). Experienced pilots may freely adjust the settings.
  • Make use of the toggle for your engine vectoring and afterburner to adjust flight characteristics to your liking.


Default Controls:

[S] [W] pitch up/down
[Q] [E] roll left/right
[A] [D] yaw left/right
[shift] throttle up
[ctrl] throttle down
[x] kill engines

Normal mode (preset):

  • gimbal turned on/off [3]
  • authority limiter set to [75-90]

Aerobatic mode:

  • gimbal turned on [3]
  • authority limiter set to [125-150]

High speed mode (>250m/s):

  • gimbal turned off [3]
  • authority limiter set to [30 - 50]

Action Groups:

[1] toggle engines
[2] toggle afterburner
[3] toggle engine vectoring
[4] toggle undercarriage lights
[5] toggle landing gear
[6] toggle brakes / aerobrake
[7] release landing chute
[8] cut landing chute
[9] toggle cockpit ladder


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