Airbus A 380
by suepcat
uploaded 2016-04-21
stock aircraft
#Airbus #A380 #Passenger #Aircraft #Airplane


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 442
  • Pure Stock
  • Version 1.1.0


suepcat’s Airbus A 380


Hello again! This time I bring you an Airbus A 380 Replica built with a focus on moderate part count,

decent aesthetics and good flyability.


This plane has a Passenger Stairs Vehicle built specifically for its height, you can download it Here.


How to fly:

There is a drone core inside the first Mk3 part on top of the plane in case you need a correctly aligned navball.

Use quicksave/quickload during flight at your own risk, the aircraft will likely explode on physics load.

  1. toggle brakes
  2. turn on SAS [T]
  3. full throttle [SHIFT]
  4. toggle Engines [6]
  5. release brakes
  6. steer left and right [A+D] to keep the plane in the center of the runway
  7. pull up when you reach about 65 m/s [S]
  8. retract landing gear [2]


  • turn on interior lights [1]


How to land:

I recommend to land with low fuel (<15000 units of fuel). The craft file comes with 16000 units of fuel.

Also, I found landing to be alot easier with SAS turned off, as the plane will be alot more responsive to your control input and wont wobble as much.

  1. get in line with the runway
  2. come in at an angle of about 10 to 15 degrees
  3. half throttle
  4. slow down to 90 - 100 m/s
  5. (optional, not recommended) use [5] to deploy front Elevons to aerobrake (pull up to keep AoA)
  6. release landing gear [2]
  7. when close to the runway, set throttle to 1/3 or less
  8. flare up and gently touch down at about 70 - 85 m/s
  9. steer left and right [A+D] to keep the plane in the center of the runway
  10. toggle reverse thrust [3] and set full throttle
  11. toggle brakes
  12. when you are close to a full stop, cut the thrust [X], toggle Engines [6] and reset reverse thrust mode [3]


Useful information:

  • To taxi the plane on the runway, activate one outer engine on each side and pin their UI windows to the screen. Set one side to reverse thrust to turn in that direction. Play with brakes and throttle cut [X] along the way for fine control.

  • If you want to add more fuel, fill the Mk3 Tanks on the belly of the plane, around (or slightly behind) the center of mass. More fuel requires more speed to take off, but can add several hours of flight range. Note that the higher you fly, the less fuel your engines require to run at full speed.

  • To exit the aircraft with your crew, click on the desired crew-holding part (i.e. cockpit), click Transfer Crew and transfer your crew to one of the Mk1 passenger modules to the left and right of the cockpit. Left click the door of the mk1 passenger module, and select the Kerbal you want to EVA with.


Known Issues:

  • The plane explodes on quickload during flight [f9]. I couldnt seem to fix this, it has to do with the tweaked joint strength in 1.1 and aeroforces being applied from a full stop after physics load.
  • The landing gear cannot be steered. As of KSP 1.1 (stock), there is no steerable landing gear large enough for this plane, so we have to use thrust and control surfaces to steer the plane.
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