DJ-x4i MAP-1 (Stock)
by sirbhuji
uploaded 2015-07-27
stock aircraft
#stock #jet
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 91
  • Pure Stock
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At BARD (Bhuji Aeronautical Research Division), a subsidiary of BOSS, We only care about Turning Heads, Ringing Ears, and Pulling Gs. Come fly with us, if you’ve got the moxie.

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Modern Aerial Platform, 1 ¨// ¨1) Toggle engines ¨2) Toggle reaction torque ¨3) Toggle flaps ¨4) Toggle tail ¨5) Toggle cockpit lights ¨6,7,8) not used ¨9) Toggle front ladder ¨10) Toggle rear ladder ¨// ¨Thrust limited to 80%, TWR 1.18 ; assign kerbal to bottom cockpit in menu ¨//

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At a certain point, modern jets began to all share similar designs. I guess, I would fall into that pattern, too. This is the DJ-X4i Modern Aerial Platform, 1 - the first of the MAP series that I may, or may not, continue to produce in an effort to figure out how to make the coolest-looking, highest-preforming aircraft possible in stock KSP. This jet borrows ideas from modern fighters (like the F/A-18 and F/A-22) and fellow KSP builders (namely: erasmusguy and Brewtis, most notably), with plenty of Bhuji flair, to create a sleek and powerful platform that’ll pull more Gs than your kerbals should survive (and can practically turn-around without stalling at Mach 2, thanks to crazy lift and reaction torque). Important things to note: Toggle reaction torque while taxi-ing to save battery power (front-most cockpit always on, by default). However, it doesn’t turn well on the ground due to lack of steering of the gears. Assign kerbal to bottom cockpit in the SPH kerbal-assignment menu to place them within front cockpit. Takes off passed 80 m/s with slight pitching-up. Lands very smooth.

A stock aircraft called DJ-x4i MAP-1 (Stock). Built with 91 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2.1m.AdapterLong.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.0.4.

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