Valkyrie 2
by shorynisha
uploaded 2016-07-13
stock ship
#ssto #Lifter #Spaceplane

Valkyrie 2 is a single seat version of the Valkyrie 1 SSTO, with less fuel but still able to put 2 lightweight satelite ( 500 kg each ) into low kerbin orbit.

It has over 300 monopropellant so you can do a de-orbit burn without any spare fuel .

This craft comes with 2 comunication satelite able to place themselves into synchronous orbit from a 80x80 km equatorial orbit .

It has been conceived in carrier mode to assure good data transmission in Kerbin SOI

A stock aircraft called Valkyrie 2. Built with 134 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2SpacePlaneAdapter.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.1.3.

Valkyrie 2 User manual

Pre-flight checks: -Enable brakes ( for extra safety )

-Press 3 twice to retract Airbrakes

-Press 4 to activate radiators

-Press 5 to activate cockpit lights ( it makes Jeb happy, so his flight skills are increased , or not ….)

-Activate SAS

-Verify Yaw , pitch and roll control surfaces

-Verify that every cargo is strongly tied in the cargo bay and close it

-Verify liquid fuel , oxidizer , monopropellant and electricity level ( there isn’t any refuelling station in the next 80 km )

When ready to take off: -Press 1 to turn on the turbojet engine ( the thing with tiny wings turning very fast , DON’T TOUCH IT )

-Throttle up to 100 %

-Release the brakes

-Rotate at 90 m/s

-Pitch up to 20 °

-At 8000m ( 24000 feet ) you will be around 200 m/s, pitch down to 5° to gain some speed

-Let the plane fly alone ( no need to stay at 5° after 400m/s)

-Enable Toroidal engine when your speed starts to bleed ( you will be around 18000m and 900-950m/s)

-Let the jets engines runs out of air and shut them down

-Keep acelerating , be carefull to keep your prograde over 10° in toroidal mode.

-When Apoapsis is at least 72 km , you can shut down all the engine.

-Do your circularisation burn

-Congratulation , you are in orbit.

-Open cargo bay and extend solar panels.

-You can deploy your payload

When you are tired of turning around kerbin:

-Slow down when you are other the mountain before the desert and put you trajectory to splash down 20 km east of KSC.

-Verify you have you radiatorn enabled before entering Kerbin atmosphere .

-Keep you angle of attack at 5 to 10°

-You can use the airbrakes at 2.2km/s they don’t overheat

-If the came became unstable , transfer fuel to the front tank ( i prefer craft which are very dynamic in handling )

-When you are under 1000 m/s , fly it like a classic plane by triggering the front fuel tank ( or use it as a glider , as you want ).

-Due to the fact it is a massive wing , landing speed is very low

Congratulation you are back on kerbin


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 134
  • Pure Stock
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