SCS Space Courier System
by shonennick
uploaded 2016-03-27
(updated 2016-09-04)
stock ship
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SLS Space Launch System Replica


The SCS has been fixed and improved for use in versions 1.1+ of KSP. It not only works now, but works better. This means more stability, smoother staging, and less explosions when the SRBs are detached and fall.


A replica of the SLS Block 1 crew transport, the first Ares rocket, which will transport US astronauts to LEO in the Orion 7-man capsule.
ShonenNick Galactic’s SCS Space Courier System hopes to achieve nearly the same - a reliable, huge rocket with more thrust than sense and an ultimate goal of plonking some little green feet on Duna.
The action groups are: 1) Open Orion’s panels, 7) Launch drogue chute, 8) Launch main chutes (cutting drogue in the process).


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 255
  • Pure Stock

More Information

The SCS launches with your usual gravity turn, targeting 45 degrees by 10km is recommended. The solid rocket boosters have their own parachutes, using stages to deploy them if you switch to them. The high thrust means that it’s difficult to ‘make a whoopsie’, just ensure before takeoff that your control point is the 2.5m probe core beneath Orion’s fairing. Once you’ve achieved target Apoapsis, get yourself horizontal or 5-10 degrees below the horizon and burn out the main tank. The next two stages and Action Group 1 gets the ICPS (Interim Chilly Pushing Stage), up and running. Use this to orbit with before staging again and discarding the ICPS into the atmosphere. If all has gone to plan, you should now be in-orbit with the Orion capsule and service module. Re-entry is simple, just remember keys 7 and 8 are on the parachutes. As pictured below, there’s some monopropellant in the command module that needs activating to help keep re-entry stability.

Happy flying!

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