SCS Block II
by shonennick
uploaded 2016-12-01
stock ship
#sls #block #2 #1 #1b

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My Take on NASA’s Biggest Ever Rockets

    My SCS Space Courier System was a massive hit in its Block I variant, and ever since I’ve received numerous requests to go bigger and replicate the 1B or II model. I soon had this rocket in the works, but KSP updates breaking elements of the design as well as a lack of free time in real life brought the project to its knees. Finally, after two game updates and after waiting a month for Kronal Vessel Viewer to update, I bring you the SCS Block II.

    In real life this rocket, or these two rockets, should I say, (as my design is somewhere between the Block 1B and Block II models), is designed to carry NASA’s hugest future payloads to a range of destinations. NASA has long planned to break out of Low Earth Orbit again, but budget-cuts and cancellations have held them back until recently. The SLS Space Launch System will be cheap, mostly disposable (apart from the two SRBs which have parachutes), and shares design features with some of NASA’s most impressive builds - the Saturn V and STS Space Shuttle.

A hungry beast named SCS Block II. Built with 168 of the biggest parts, its root part is Size3to2Adapter.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.1.

The upper stage - or ‘Kexploration’ is capable of some pretty demanding long-range tasks, be it to the Mun, Duna, Eve, or even an asteroid.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 168
  • Pure Stock


The two videos feature the SCS Block II flying to the Mun, alongside the Kares 1 and carrying the Altair lunar lander.

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