Eagle Carrier B + AirSat
by shonennick
uploaded 2016-11-06
stock aircraft
#ship #satellite #plane #jet #fighter

The ‘Read Me’

The Eagle B is a huge plane that I designed to carry only the phattest payloads. This particular configuration carries the AirSat - a lightweight multi-stage satellite for Geostationary Orbit that consists of two SRBs and a small relay payload.
To reach orbit, the Eagle must first reach 10,000masl and be travelling in excess of 150m/s. Then, the AirSat must be deployed and ignited, pointing up to 40 degrees above the horizon. When it burns out, activate RCS for increased stability and stage the next SRB. After this stage is empty, stage twice and push on to a 72km apoapsis. Coast to apoapsis, circularise, and proceed as necessary for your intended use.
Note that the mini docking port is on the satellite itself, so it may be docked to other vehicles on-orbit. Not that this’ll be helpful for you, I just thought that might be interesting if you want to do something Terrifically Kerbalâ„¢.

A Wild Beast of the Skies called Eagle Carrier B + AirSat. Built with 176 of the most free and patriotic parts, its root part is mk3CargoBayL.

Constructed in the SPH in ‘Murica version 1.2.1.

    Hey you (yes, you)-

    Wanna see this plane in action? Watch the video above ;)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 176
  • Pure Stock

AirSat final stage with equipment deployed, docking port on show.

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