ESA Skylon
by shonennick
uploaded 2016-02-09
stock spaceplane
#skylon #cfastt #ssto #ship #aircraft


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 91
  • Pure Stock

All You Need to Know

ACTION GROUPS: 1- Cargo bay & subsystems¨2- Oxygen cut-out switch¨3- MECO switch / OMS toggling¨

Based off of the real-life design idea, my Skylon is a fully-functional replica that can reach LKO quickly and with ease. The cargo bay can carry literally whatever you can cram into it - you can see in the screenshots that I tested it with a full medium Rockomax tank - the largest item I could fit in there. It’s meant to be used with any payload but I have two cool subassemblies available here on K-X for download: the PassengerPack -, and the SatelliteLaunchPack -

Take as steep a trajectory as possible at 200m/s up to 10km, then adjust so that you are picking up speed rapidly (prograde marker is just above horizon). Continue to increase your velocity, moving some of your fuel to the large front tank for improved stability (although this isn’t completely necessary). Use key 2 to switch into closed-cycle mode on the RAPIERs. Once your Apoapsis reaches 80km, cruise along prograde with the engines off. At apoapsis, use a maneouver node to circularise and click 3 to toggle the OMS. Key 1 will toggle the cargo bay. De-orbit like any other spaceplane (if you don’t know how, do some research on YouTube), and correct for any misjudgement or bad gliding skills by hitting 3 then 2 to return to air-breathing jet mode. Enjoy!

A no-practice-required aircraft called ESA Skylon. Built with 91 surplus discount parts, its root part is adapterSize2-Size1Slant (that’s the front MK3-2.5m adapter).

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.0.5.

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