Duna P2
by shonennick
uploaded 2016-01-30
mod ship
#lifter #manned #land #recoverable #crew


On launch, the vehicle must be pitched over to aroud 5 degrees towards the intended Orbit. The solid-fueled rockets will keep the heavy craft in a controlled, slow spin until they can be released. At high altitude the Rhino will continue to burn out its heavy tank, pushing the upper stage and payload to near-orbital speeds. Above 50km, the fairing and launch escpae system can be ejected.¨ Once dry, the M2 lower stage can be fully separated. The M1 upper stage then takes over with its powerful Skipper engine, enough to reach the orbit of your choice. There should be some fuel left once you decouple it - lower it to an orbit under 80km then de-orbit it completely (aiming for land if possible). Use keys 5 and 6 for Drogues and Mains, and use the gears and Skipper to land softly.¨ The P2-S Orbiter can now complete its task, ferrying 7 Kerbals back to the ground at the end of its mission. You can land with rockets OR parachutes.

Action Groups:

Backspace/Abort: Launch Escape, Key1: Toggle P2-S Orbiter’s panels, Key2: Toggle P2-S Orbiter’s engines, Key3: Fire parachutes and deploy legs for crew lander, Key6: Fire M1 upper-stage’s drogue parachutes, Key7: Fire M1’s main parachutes, cutting the drogues (after clicking this you should also use G to deploy the Gears).

A nearly, but not quite, stock rocket called Duna P2. Built with 148 parts (under 200! Should be easy to load!), its root part is decoupler1-2.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.0.5.


  • Hullcam VDS
  • Squad (stock)

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