by shonennick
uploaded 2016-03-20
stock ship
#ssto #stock #vtol #vertical #parachute


Action Groups: 1- Cargo Bay 2- Switch between Vector rockets and Aerospike rocket 3- Drogue shoot 4- Main chutes (also cuts drogue).

I designed this rocket with the intention of it being a base model - an empty bucket for the user’s imagination to fill. Therefore it comes pretty lacking in the practical uses department, as all it can do in its current state is ferry up to 2 passengers to and from a Low Kerbin Orbit space station (see video for it flying). Some potential modifications you could add are: ladders, to board with; satellites, to launch; more crew space. Up to you though. Enjoy!

A most basic VTOL rocket called ‘Dart’ VTOL SSTO. Built with 91 of the most modern plastic parts, its click-to-move piece is adapterSize2-Size1. MORE TEXT BELOW THE VIDEO!

Built by the VAB’s trainee engineers in KSP edition 1.0.5.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 91
  • Pure Stock

How to Land

1) Drop your orbit to whatever trajectory you use for normal deorbits. 2) Point vertically up until you can no longer hold the vehicle upright. 3) Deploy the airbrakes and wait until you’re slow enough to deploy the drogue shoots. 4) Deploy the drogue shoots with Action Group 3. 5) Wait for speed to be under 270m/s, then hit A.G. 4 for main chutes. 6) The chutes will automatically deploy when ready. 7) Deploy landing gear and touch town, maybe with a little boost from the rockets to cushion the landing. 8) Pour yourself a cup of tea, because your work here is done.

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