"Bullseye" VTOL SSTO
by shonennick
uploaded 2016-06-28
stock ship
#spaceplane #lander #aircraft #ssto #stock


That’s right! Thirty-six whole tons, direct to any orbit up to 80x80km!

The Bullseye, successor to the vastly underwhelming (but still effective), Dart, starts off vertically upon the KSC Launchpad. Staging once, it rises high into the atmosphere, gravity turn at your own rate and aim for 45 degrees of turn by 10000masl. Staging again, at about 50km, it loses its large fairing to reveal the payload - maximum rated payload of one Jumbo-64 orange tank.

Next, the vessel coasts to apoapsis to complete orbit, at which point another stage will release any payload from the Senior-sized docking node. > Then, as soon as possible, the return to Kerbin must be completed. Turning retrograde and slowing at a periapsis of approx. 0m is good, then you can stage to release the adaptor and turn prograde to glide that beast of a Bullseye back in like a Shuttle. Aerodynamics aerodyschnamics!

When the option arises, release each set of parachutes, in turn. At 1km above terrain release the gears. At (as close as humanly possible to), 35m, click Action Group 1. This fires the landing engines. As long as you’re on relatively flat terrain, well done! You’ve completed the mission!

An un-modded needle named Bullseye VTOL SSTO. Built with 160 of the shiniest premium parts, its clickey part is Size3LargeTank. Built by SNG’s finest, in the VAB, in KSP 1.1.3.

Interesting to note: You could add more than 36t and use this rocket conventionally (non-SSTO). You could use this rocket without a payload to deliver fuel (via docking port), to a vehicle in distress. You could redesign the fairing to support a crew portion - this could fit many, many Kerbonauts.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 160
  • Pure Stock
      AG1: Land-boost. AG2: ESR equipment.¨Payload Capacity: Up to 36 tons¨Instructions: Aim for 45 degrees by 10km for gravity turn. To re-enter, go nose-first and fly like a shuttle. Press key 1 / stage separons at exactly 35m above terrain.

The EMR (Extended Mission Recoverable)

    In this Download, the Bullseye comes with the 16t EMR fitted as a payload. This vehicle is unmanned, takes up half the payload space and leaves you with 20t left for your own payload. It is meant for pushing the payload deeper into space, before returning to Kerbin by parachute. Press AG2 to release its panels, also revealing the return fuel tanks.

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