Atmoshuttle Mk.2
by shonennick
uploaded 2016-04-22
stock ship
#aircraft #spaceplane #satellite #deploy #created_at

Stuff You Should Read

  • 1- Toggle orbital config.¨2- Toggle atmospheric engine and intakes¨3- Disable (or re-enable), launch control systems¨4- Deploy ladders¨5- Cut chutes¨6- Toggle airbrakes¨7- Decouple all nodes
  • The Atmoshuttle Mk.2 is designed for everyone. Yes, that means you, too. Noobs, veterans, all in one package. It has the power and delta-V to launch to LKO almost anything the budding Kerbal engineer can cram in the cargo bay, and with its generous wingspan and jet-assisted return, some of it can come home with you. Speaking of coming home, that jet should also be able to save you from any belly kiss with the oceans by providing just enough thrust to push you closer to (or back to), the runway.

  • 1) Press space to stage once on the launchpad, then key 2 to deactivate the jets and intakes
  • 2) Stage again at full throttle, pulling back the nose until vertical
  • 3) Rotate to so that you can pull up into your intended gravity turn
  • 4) Perform usual gravity turn at full throttle, novice pilots may want to activate RCS for added control here
  • 5) Stage away solid boosters when spent and activate RCS
  • 6) Throttle down to 66% as the RCS becomes required to keep controlled
  • 7) Throttle down again to 33% or less as your apoapsis reaches 70km
  • 8) Coast to intended apoapsis (I recommend 80-120km) and circularise with half throttle and RCS still on
  • 9) Stage away the AT-OLT and press key 3 to change RCS mode
  • 10) Stage again to activate OMS. Activate all of the fuel in the tail and wings
  • 1) De-orbit using your usual spaceplane technique
  • 2) At 55km, activate airbrakes by using the brakes key
  • 3) Point at the horizon by 50km and use stability assist mode on the SAS
  • 4) Gradually raise the nose to about 10 degrees and continue descent, slowing down
  • 5) As your speed decreases, think about turning the brakes off or on again to pinpoint your landing, increasing pitch if more glide is necessary
  • 6) Below 1km/s, deactivate airbrakes and hit key 2 to restart the engines. This also cuts the OMS
  • 7) Fly/glide to the runway as you would any plane, landing as usual. You can stage again to deploy the chutes, key 5 will cut them again.
  • The Launch Abort System is detailed to the below-right. Key 7 decouples anything connected to BOTH docking nodes.

    To fight climate change in the upper ionosphere, Atmoshuttle Mk.2 is now built with 163 of the most renewably sourced recycled parts.

    Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.1.0.


    • Type: VAB
    • Class: ship
    • Part Count: 163
    • Pure Stock

    Extra Information

      ALAS: Aerodynamic Launch Abort System
  • By pressing Backspace or the on-screen Abort button, Atmoshuttle will be told to pull itself away from the AT-OLT (and boosters).
  • This is done by activating separation boosters in the SRBs if they are still attached and decoupling the Atmoshuttle from the AT-OLT.
  • The Atmoshuttle’s landing elevons are deployed for an aerodynamic lifting action, pulling it in the opposite direction to the boosters' course. They can be disabled with Key 6, and Key 2 will turn the jet engine on and open the intakes.
  • Remember to activate the wing fuel tanks so that you have fuel to return to base with.
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