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North American XB-70 Valkyrie

The XB-70 was a supersonic bomber that was the sister program to the F-108 Rapier. It would fly at Mach 3 and 70,000 feet to avoid interception from any aircraft of the era. It was planned that the B-70 would fly so fast that radar stations wouldn’t be able to scramble interceptors fast enough to catch it, making it effectively immune to interception.

However, with the discovery of extremely capable Soviet surface-to-air missiles, the U.S. bombers were forced to shift to low-level penetration missions where SAM radar couldn’t get an effective lock on the bombers. The B-70 would have been ineffective at this role, providing only marginal advantages over the B-52 at the cost of shorter range and much higher cost. The program was cancelled in 1961, before the first prototypes were even built.

Despite the cancellation, two prototypes were still built in order to test high-performance characteristics, and a third was planned. They tested high-speed, long duration flight, a holy grail of aeronautics. Of the two prototypes, one was destroyed in a mid-air-collision involving a F-104 and the second is on display at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio.


  • Type: SPH
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Flying the XB-70

This particular recreation models the variable incidence wing found on the actual XB-70. For subsonic flight, the wingtips are kept horizontal, and in supersonic flight, the wingtips droop to increase lift and take advantage of the unique compression shock. This enables the XB-70 to harness the power of the sonic boom by using the high-pressure air in the shock cone to generate more lift.

To use the wings first stage to decouple the wings, then use action group 1 to toggle the wings up and down. It’s really easy, and should work any time in the flight path.

Just don’t pitch up too hard. That ends poorly.

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