Vought F8U Crusader
by servo
uploaded 2017-01-21
(updated 2017-01-24)
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Vought F8U Crusader


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 149
  • Pure Stock

F8U Crusader

The Last of the Gunfighters, as it was known, the Crusader marked the end of an era for U.S. Fighter aircraft. It was the last fighter to use guns as weapon of choice, serving from 1957 until 1976 in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as a carrier-based supersonic fighter.

The F-8, as it was later designated, served many roles during the Cold War. the RF-8 was a dedicated reconnaissance platform that captured important information during the Cuban Missile Crisis, while in Vietnam, F-8s served as carrier-based fighter-bombers.

The most prominent feature of the F-8 was its variable-incidence wing. The entire wing pivoted up 7 degrees during takeoff and landing to lower the stall speed and assist with carrier landings.

That function is recreated faithfully in this model. During takeoff, toggle the wing up to decrease takeoff speed, and when at speed, lower it back for transonic flight. On landing approach, raise the wing again to allow for stable flight at 50m/s.

Warning When the wing reconnects, the throttle is set to zero for some reason. Simply hit z to throttle back to full.

Instructions for Use:
1. On the runway, press 1 to decouple the wing. If it doesn’t snap into place by itself, press 3 to force it down. Once it snaps into place, press 3 again.
2. Press 9 and 0 to turn on the turbojets. Once at 45m/s pitch up to take off.
3. Once airborne, press 1 to detach the wing and 2 to raise it if necessary. Press 2 again to reset the mechanism.
4. On landing approach, decouple the wing with 1, then press 3 to lower the wing. Press 3 to reset the wing and approach and land at 50-60m/s.

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