KC-46 Pegasus
by servo
uploaded 2017-04-29
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America’s Next-generation Tanker

KC-46 Pegasus

The KC-46 is a next-generation aerial refueling and cargo aircraft developed as part of the KC-X program in 2006. Boeing adapted their 767 passenger/cargo aircraft to the roles required in the KC-X competition. The Pegasus can be used in a variety of roles, including cargo, aerial refueling, and as a flying hospital. The Pegasus contains equipment for both boom and probe and basket refueling, and can refuel up to three aircraft at the same time.

This KC-46 is the final craft in NorthAmericanAviation’s and my Jet of the Day Series, so I put a lot of time into making it look as accurate as possible. It features a unique nose design, built completely out of solar panels. Additionally, it has an accurate set of flaps and spoilers, plus a combination of crew and refueling capabilities. However, the most interesting part of this craft is (what I believe to be) the first-ever stock probe-and-basket refueling system in KSP.
How to use it:
1.) Make sure you have ignore crash damage enabled. I think it will work without it, but there’s a solid chance it just explodes.
2.) Use action group 1 to decouple the boom. The boom should self-deploy. If it doesn’t immediately re-dock, pitch up and down to make the docking ports stick. Use action group 2 to toggle the boom engines off.
3.) Use action group 1 again, then switch to the boom and throttle up to full. Again, it should move forward by itself.

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