F-7 Sea Dart
by servo
uploaded 2017-01-15
(updated 2017-01-15)
stock aircraft
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Convair F-7 Sea Dart


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 75
  • Pure Stock

The Convair F-7 Sea Dart was an experimental seaplane fighter design in the late 1950s. Also designated F2Y, only a few prototypes were ever made, as the program was cancelled after numerous issues with the design. The Sea Dart launched using hydroplanes under the nose, and could break the speed of sound, making it the only seaplane to have ever done so.

The design was created to allow supersonic aircraft (which at the time required long takeoff/landing rolls) to operate from carriers. In fact, one possible role for the Sea Dart would have it operating from a submarine carrier, although that design didn’t make it very far.

My version is very easy to fly, both from land and sea. Simply start accelerating with the afterburners firing, then pitch up at about 40 m/s in water or 60m/s on land. Landing is just as simple, as the Dart glides really well.

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