F-5 Freedom Fighter
by servo
uploaded 2017-02-25
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Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter

The F-5 was a small, light fighter developed from Northrop’s T-38 Talon jet trainer. It was designed to be fast, maneuverable, and capable of surprising opponents before they could get a radar lock on the F-5.

The F-5’s main appeal was its low price tag and low maintenance costs. Because of this, the F-5 was extremely popular as an export fighter. It saw service in the air forces of over 35 nations during its service life, and was developed into many different versions, including the F-5E Tiger II, RF-5E Tigereye, and F-20 Tigershark.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 79
  • Pure Stock

Despite the prolific foreign service, probably the most famous role that the F-5 would play was as stand-ins for the fictional MiG-28s in Top Gun. In order to compliment my coming F-14 tomcat, this F-5 is also in 1:1 scale, and has a comparable performance and top speed.

This replica has the ability to shift fuel to transfer between hypermaneuverability and stable flight by moving the contents of a single fuel tank. It glides well and lands really easy, provided that you come in fast enough.

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