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Stock VTOL F-35B

The F-35B is a controversial US next-generation fighter. What better way to find where you stand on it than to take it for a spin yourself in stock KSP 1.2.2? This version features a 100% stock hinged engine, capable of conventional flight, VTOL, and STOL, the three modes of the F-35 Program.

The F-35 is a family of three fifth-generation stealth fighters being produced by a number of companies, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE systems, and Pratt & Whitney. The F-35 family consists of the F-35A, a conventional takeoff and landing fighter produced for the U.S. Army; the F-35B, a S/VTOL fighter produced for the U.S. Marine Corps; and the F-35C, a carrier-adapted version for the U.S. Navy. Additionally, a number of western nations have bought into the F-35 program to replace other aging fighters, including the 40-year old F-15 and F-16s.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 146
  • Pure Stock

How to Fly: Takeoff

1.) Throttle to 60%, then use action groups 2 and 3 to enable the engines
2.) Use action group 1 to decouple the engine, and take off as you would a normal VTOL.
3.) With a minimum of 40m altitude, press action group 1 to swivel the engine, followed shortly by 2 to toggle the lift fan.
4.) Once the engine redocks, throttle to full. Use action group 5 to close the engine bay. Action group 4 toggles the afterburner, which is helpful for low-altitude takeoffs.

How to Fly: Landing

1.) Open the engine bay with action group 5, then throttle to 40%
2.) Press action group 1 and 2 simultaneously to toggle the engine down and activate the lift fan.
3.) Use [ to switch to the engine assembly. Throttle to 40%.
4.) Switch back over to the main aircraft and land as you would a normal VTOL. Make sure you land with brakes enabled.
5.) Once on the ground, throttle the lift engine to zero. Either press 1 to re-raise the lift engine or switch to the engine and throttle it to zero. If you are reloading or recovering the craft, lift the engine so that it is docked.

Note: Precision landing is difficult
The F-35B can be landed easily in VTOL mode on the runway/ground, but due to the nature of the separate engines, it is very difficult to land on helipads or anything smaller than the VAB.

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